Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sandworm mittens

So when my friend Jen lost her cute shark-mittens, she commissioned me (or undeadclothingco) to make her a pair of sandworm mittens! I was almost kicking myself that I hadn't thought of it first! Yesterday we went to a movie and she supplied me with a diagram of the color scheme, which is kickass amazing awesome.

There have been only a handful of occasions in which I've custom made something for someone to their tastes. I made a wallet for my friend Andre. He gave me "ideas" and "themes", but left a lot up to me. While I find it really cool that he had that much faith in me, my "seller's anxiety" was through the roof! I worried that a) he wouldn't like it, b) he wouldn't want to say so because we're friends, and c)that I'm overcharging him, even though it was pretty tricky to paint.

I don't have this anxiety with Jen because her specs are pretty straightforward (I wish I could scan in the diagram she drew, it's hilarious) and at this point in the winter, I'm sure she wants warm hands!

If they turn out (and why wouldn't they) I think they'd make a good undeadclothingco original product. There was a it of a boom in animal mittens over the past 2 or 3 years (coinciding slightly with a knitting boom... interesting) but I've only ever seen the pretty straightforward animals. Bears, alligators, snakes, etc. Jen's sharks were pretty original, but not like sandworms! Hmmm, I could sell 'em in a set with matching socks...


A. & J. said...

those mittens sound awesome!

can't wait to see you working on them. Do you know if there a craft night this thursday?

JENNIFER said...

I can't wait either. Seeing my mittens on your webpages would be pretty cool. They may be the sandworm mittens that lauch your career!!!