Thursday, January 10, 2008

Frig, man. I sure wish I could post photos of FOs on ravelry, but they only allow Flickr access and I'm a photobucket girl. I'm not about to transfer all my photos for them. Geez!

Projects on the go!
- working steadily on my zebra-print hoodie...
- there are a pair of cabled knee socks in a book I got for xmas that I'd like to make... a charcoal grey pair would look awesome with my rubber boots and a skirt in the spring
- sandworm mittens for Jen! What a great idea!
- misc slippers and shit for undeadclothingco


redd said...

i know what you mean about flickr.
i'm also a photobucket girl so i only have flickr for ravelry but flickr doesn't really work for my blog so i have to upload them again to photobucket. it's a pain in my ass for sure.

A. & J. said...

Is there anyway that you can import your pictures into Flickr from photobucket.

Lisie said...

ahem... i think that is a knitting book you got for your /birthday/ missy, not christmas. and your birthday hasn't come yet... BUSTED!

living dead girl said...

omg, I'm totally busted