Friday, October 31, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


No self respecting Ottawa blogger can post today without making mention of the weather. I don't mind the snow. I really don't. It's the cold I don't like. In fact, I greatly preferred my walk home from the bus stop after work in a blizzard to my walk to the bus stop this morning in the freezing rain. No contest. That's all I'm going to say about it.

I have sadder news to report than a snow storm.

This blog has seen many entries about the Ottawa Roller Derby league, and what an impact the ORD has had on my life. Emerging from the end of a long-term relationship and stuck in a nasty rut of a thesis, roller derby was exactly what I needed to regain my confidence and self-esteem while meeting some very interesting and inspiring women in Ottawa.

When I was told of the existence of roller derby in Ottawa, I discovered that the league consisted of one team; the loud and proud Bytown Blackhearts. For a team to come together and prosper is noteworthy in itself, but these women learned roller derby the hard way; through trial and error. Without an existing team in the city, the Blackhearts learned the game as they went along. By the time I started attending "fresh meat" practices for the Ottawa Roller Derby league, the Blackhearts were a year old; fully registered and ready to roll.

The "fresh meat" practices were recruiting for a second team in Ottawa; one that could benefit from the Blackhearts' experience and could eventually provide them with another team to practice with and scrimmage against. For myself as well as the other women who now comprise the Capital Carnage, the Blackhearts were the ultimate big sister team; older, tougher, more than a little intimidating, but ultimately there to help the Carnage grow and develop for the love of the game.

This relationship explains the pain I feel at learning that the Bytown Blackhearts and the Ottawa Roller Derby league have split into two autonomous groups. I do not care to comment upon the nature of the split as I understand it; it's a complicated issue to which I am only privy to certain parts. Whatever the cause, I can only speak for the effect which I believe will be felt by every member of the Bytown Blackhearts and the Capital Carnage alike. I think my friend and teammate Kristina (Fembot Fury) said it best when she likened our position to being the children of divorced parents.

It saddens me that the split will undoubtedly change my experience of being a rollergirl in Ottawa, although it's difficult to say for certain exactly how it will change. I have a feeling that as with most breakups, there will be positive and negative effects both in the short and long term. Whatever the fallout, I hope time shows the decision to be beneficial to both groups.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween 2008

Less than a week away and I don't even give a shit.

What's wrong with me? I'm usually starting to get excited for next Halloween in late December. This year, I'm just not feeling it...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well, that's disappointing

So, having discovered that I have a somewhat loyal following of readers, what do I do? I go dark for days. Is anything more annoying than visiting someone's blog and seeing the same Horrorpops photo every single time? Believe me, it annoys me just as much.

When my thesis defense date finally approached I was hesitant at the idea of a full-time office job at the government, which is where I understand most sociology grads to go. I worried that a regimented 9 - 5 job in front of a computer would kill my creativity; that I'd come home from work exhausted and fall asleep in front of the TV every night. I asked around and found that to the contrary, friends of mine who worked office jobs were pretty content with their work environments and hours. That the consistent hours enabled them to make use of their free time more meaningfully. That they can call in sick, leave early or get away for the weekend as circumstances require. This is far from the case with retail/shift work.

All this to say that I've been working full-time for the first time in my life, and I'm finding little time for anything else. I haven't been to the gym. I haven't been making stuff for undeadclothingco. I haven't been updating my blog. I haven't been in good health due to lack of meaningful rest (and my perpetually shitty diet). Chores are piling up.

I didn't intend to update my blog by bemoaning my daily drudgery. Unfortunately, it's all I really have to report as of late. I'm not miserable or anything, I'm just falling behind on life and need to allocate my time better. That's it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hell yeah!

Horrorpops in Toronto tonight!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I've been spotted

It's happened once before, I guess I should get used to it. Last time, someone recognized me from a teeny tiny photo of me in my blog profile. I've since replaced that one with a cute pinup zombie girl, but I often forget that my blog links to my page which features a HUGE photo of me. Sitting here in my room, the blogosphere is so vast and abstract; it's hard to imagine an actual person sitting at their computer and reading this.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't mind being sighted! Yesterday I was complimented on my writing, which was tremendously flattering. My supervisor would have a bird if he saw all the gratuitous semicolons in each and every blog entry, but he won't (probably).

For your interest, both my blog and employ google analytics code to give me some rudimentary information as to who is visiting, when, and from whence. Don't worry; I'm not stalking you or stealing your identities. All I get is is how many visitors, what time of day, and how they found the site. That's all. This blog sees about 8 visitors per day, on the average. There are peaks after Basement Artist shows because I am able to distribute business cards among a demographic that may or may not blog-browse. I always assume that there are 5-6 "core" readers who bookmark my blog and return (my roommate, my boyfriend, my sister, and fellow Ottawa bloggers) and then a handful of randoms. Maybe not so?

Lurking reader, say hello! The cute girl with the awesome purple-streaked bangs who spotted me at work yesterday can attest that I don't bite. If anything, I'll giggle incredulously at being sighted and complimented. Thanks again!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So big-shot, you're done your masters. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW??

This question sucks, and I'm tired of hearing it. Please don't ask me this. From now on, if anyone asks, I'm referring them to this blog entry.

Answer 1) - I'm staying at Top. It's retail and I've been there for 6 years, but it's a damn good work environment with good pay and many fringe benefits. I'd make more money at a cushy government job, but I'm not quite ready for that yet. Why? Read on

Answer 2) - I'm looking to move. I've lived in Ottawa all my life, and whenever I felt the need to leave I couldn't because I was in school. Now school is done and I can go wherever I want. Start fresh. Very appealing

Answer 3) - well, not really another answer, but also noteworthy: undeadclothingco is doing well. My confidence was down due to low productivity (thanks again, thesis) and lack of etsy action, but the September Basement Artists show both cleaned out my stock and bolstered my ambition. My roommate reminds me that I am my own worst critic, and that I'd churn out far more stock if I wasn't such a perfectionist. Seeing someone's eyes light up when they see an object on my table really does make it all worthwhile.

So what am I going to do now? I'm going to work; at Top and on undeadclothingco. I'd like to get more hands-on about my website and reorganize my finances. I'm going to continue enjoying roller derby and make time for "Crafty Itch", a craft night a friend of mine is organizing. I'm going to keep an eye on Toronto for good jobs and housing opportunities; I already know of a few people who might be willing to live with a crafty lady and her fat cat.

I'm also thinking about segregating an undeadclothingco blog from my personal one. I'd like feedback on this question; I'm torn because I feel like the personal stuff (ie- school, roller derby, rants, etc) add some humanity to undeadclothingco. Then again, if undead had it's own blog I might be more inclined to update with undeadclothing-related news (ie- 4 new wallets, new handbag design, upcoming shows, etc)

Hopefully, this is the last blog entry tagged with the word "thesis".