Sunday, September 30, 2007

I've been correcting papers all day and I'm still only halfway through my pile. How frustrating to write helpful and thoughtful comments on the papers when I know more than half of them won't read them anyway. *sigh*

Slippers are essentially done, but I'm looking for a nice pattern for a little crocheted rosebud to jazz them up. I see a lot of crocheted "roses" and "rosettes", but they're largely messy and/or too big. I'm going to try and freestyle it. Then they're done, and I've got to get cracking on the mittens!

If I get through all the assignments today, I'm letting myself play Halo2 all night. It's a deal.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tuesday I love the slipper pattern, Thursday I hate it.

No, I don't hate it. I'm just annoyed at having had to restart the sides portion of the slippers 10 times. My crocheting-in-the-round is problematic... I increase when I join, making for a strange spike on one side. My mission at craft circle tonight is to determine what I'm doing wrong!

But all this crafting goodness has to come after an afternoon of dull and annoying (how can something be simultaneously dull and annoying? Doesn't 'dull' imply boring and 'annoying' imply active frustration) meeting with the prof I'm TAing with. We have to meet to get a how-to on the new version of WebCT (which I could probably figure out for myself) and then practice grading assignments until all the TAs are consistent. Note the word UNTIL. I hope to be out of that meeting and in a decent mood by 7.

Other news; saw Resident Evil: Extinction last night. How nice to leave a theatre satisfied! That movie is great, a pleasant surprise after R.E.2 blew so hard. In addition to an enjoyable evening, the movie got me thinking excitedly about my thesis again, which is a relief. I'd been lacking inspiration as of late.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today I'm conducting a workshop for the class I'm; how to do their weekly assignments. It's not so bad, I offered to do the workshop because I was frustrated at how poorly done the assignments were last year. Each paper is a piddly mark out of 5 (which pissed me off), and having to give the majority 2/5 is downright brutal. So, from 2:30 to 4:30 I have to talk to them and they have to listen to me. Who do you feel sorry for?

Apart from this gaping wound in my day, I'm obsessed with my mom's slippers I'm crocheting. The pattern is AWESOME; such good-looking, well-shaped slippers... not like those terrible shapeless ones you see at the Salvation Army all the time. I'd like to add a crocheted rosebud to the toes! Note to self; scour the web for a crochet rosebud pattern

What else, what else. Nothing. Slippers. Thesis.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A busy week, at last

Blogger says 15 people have viewed this blog. My condolences. This first attempt at blogging is admittedly halting, inconsistent and probably very random. I'll get the hang of it one of these days.

Points of interest;

1- I bought a domain name! is officially my property. I'm hunting for a humble graphic design student to design me some logos and get my party started. Exciting! *EDIT* -don't bother checking out the link, there's nothing there yet!

2 - I'm a little bit all-over-the-place with regard to my Chirstmas-mitten-extravaganza. I started swatching on the suggested size needles (which are TINY! US3!) and my guage was still way too big! I'm starting to worry that if I have to go to even smaller needles to make guage, the mittens may take too long to complete by xmas (I'm talking about 4-5 pairs, mind you). I've also started my mom's Chirstmas slippers and alligator mitts for my nephew.

3 - T.A. strike is over, so I'm back to work.

4 - Thesis is not writing itself for some reason.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Maybe I'll start doing this again. Let's say I've been inspired.

I've given up on my prepster jacket. I hate it. I've sewn in the sleeves a zillion times and blocked it and everything, but when it's all said and done it's just a itchy, soggy shapeless sweater-thing, not the cute, fitted tweedy jacket in the photo. Lesson learned:... unh?

The zebra-print hoodie is going pretty well; the intarsia is going better than I would have expected. It's taking forever though, and I'm eager to get cracking on the various pairs of mittens I hope to give away this Xmas.

Things I'm looking forward to;
  • going to bed tonight!
  • my cousin's wedding!
  • visiting my nephews this weekend!
  • the coffee I'm about to go get myself!