Monday, January 21, 2008

back to the grind

Having taken the week off to celebrate my birthday and the weekend off to hang out with my parents before they leave for Thailand, my mini-vacation is over and I have to get back to work.

I'd like to email around a draft of a chapter on cultural materialism by the end of this week, and hopefully get it to my supervisor the week after.
I'm not looking forward to tangling with him again... a couple of colleagues of mine have speculated that maybe he was having an off day or something. If he's pulling a 'tough love' thing, I'm going to have to remind him that he's not my parent. All I know is I'm not letting him speak to me like that again. He had the element of surprise to his advantage, and the fact that I was emotionally fragile at the time. If he gets out of line again, I'm going to have my say and find a new supervisor if I have to.

Discussion groups start for me Wednesday which should be interesting. These discussion groups are not mandatory; they're just an opportunity for students to discuss what the class is covering with one another in a forum-like setting. I used to love shit like that when I was an undergrad, but not when I was in first-year. I have no idea what the turnout demographics will be.

I do have some fun times lined up for this week. Sweeney Todd with Jen tomorrow, shopping with Lizz on Thursday and a costume party on Friday night! The theme is "The age of aquarius" wherein you're free to dress up as anything you can relate to aquarius; ie- a Greek astronomer, a fish/marine animal, or a hippie. Due to lack of time and resources, I'll probably wear the same hippie costume I wore for the Volcom bowling party last summer. Skin-tight jeans with huge flared bottoms and a brown poncho.

Huh. Guess this week won't be so bad after all?

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