Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Babylon Bonanza V

I am very pleased to announce that undeadclothingco will be on sale at the next Basement Artists show; Babylon Bonanza V! Saturday January 3rd at Babylon nightclub (317 Bank st). Tickets are $10 in advance, and $15 at the door.

In addition to the excellent artists and artisans who will be vending there, I'm really stoked to announce that The Goddamn Goddamns will be playing! A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the Big John Bates show and how I had a blast. The Goddamn Goddamns opened up for them, and they were excellent. Check out their myspace page. Rockabilly with a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor. I'm very excited that they're playing the show.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Speaking of selfishness...

Ahh, Wilde's...

Never failing to stun me with your insensitivity. Especially when one considers the nature of your business. Call the kettle black much?

I am not posting to defend one side or the other of the current OC Transpo strike that is currently devastating the city of Ottawa. Though I'm usually a union supporter, and have supported striking as a legitimate negotiating tactic, I am extremely inconvenienced at OC Transpo's decision to strike. I have been walking 45 mins in the snow to reach my place of work, and have put off doing groceries and christmas shopping to an extent that troubles me. That being said, I would request the people educate themselves on the situation before spitting on picketers and putting shithead ignoramus signs up in their windows.

If you're not interested in the nitty-gritty of the dispute, bear in mind that it's about scheduling and sick leave. Do you want your bus drivers working when they're ill or overworked?

Guess i'll be buying my dildos elsewhere.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Big John Bates!!

There are a mere few people I know whose musical tastes I trust without question.
1- my friend Ian. One of my oldest and closest friends who is also a brilliant musician in his own right.
2- my friend Jeremy. When he sends me an mp3 via MSN messenger, I download it and put it on my mp3 player without question.
These are my no-questions-asked authorities on all things music.
But when my friend Marcus told me there was a rockabilly show Monday night at Zaphods that was not to be missed, I took him up on it. He is now the newest member of my a-list.

I agreed to check out this rockabilly show with Jeremy after an 8-hour shift tonight. Zaphods is an intimate venue for shows, so I expected a small crowd (Monday night, after all) and some good tunes. Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dolls are comprised of John himself on guitar and vocals, Scaroline on double-bass, and an exemplary drummer whose name currently escapes me (my deepest apologies). They tour with the Voodoo Dolls, a burlesque floor show that took me from impressed to astounded in minutes. Their routines were replete with full-on narratives of badass chicks rocking out, retro-style. Curvacious women with real tits, flashing glimpses up their skirts and swinging flaming pasties from their nipples. This did nothing to detract from the awesome music, which was consistently high in energy and authentic rockabilly beats and basslines.

I really cannot say enough about the show tonight. Download their albums if you will, or buy them if you're so fiscally secure and inclined... but I have to insist that if they come to your town (and they very well might; hailing all the way from Vancouver, they played Belleville last week. Belleville.) SEE THEM LIVE. I would have gladly shelled out twice the hard-earned dough I spent for the orgy of the senses I was treated to tonight.