Wednesday, July 30, 2008


2 reasons:

- workmen outside working on out eavestroughs are noisy. Their tools are loud and they keep cursing in French.

- I fell HARD at roller derby last night, and it appears that my left ass-cheek is unuseable. I wasn't able to sleep on my back or on my left side, if you can believe it. Even now, sitting at my desk, I'm leaning toward the right and it's still uncomfortable. No bruise yet, but it's coming.

Why did I fall so hard? Possibly because I was so excited about having these bad boys!!

It is astonishing how much good equipment can affect your performance. I knew that, having bought my first snowboard at Sport-Chek, but these skates... wow. Needless to say, my wheels are black and I suspect I'll be switching up the laces sometime soon.

I've been tagged in one of these things. Here goes,

1. Favorite ethnic food?

2. Something you’ve always wanted to do?
Start my own business? No, that's a lie. I guess i'd have to say retire.

3. Favorite color?
Lately, lime green.

4. Something you collect?

5. Something you do to relax?
Read, knit, crochet, pinot grigio

7. Bloggers i am going to tag:
Jennie, Lisa and Jess!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A month ago I criticized a study that showed what percentage of women were willing to shave their heads, spend a night in jail, sacrifice a toe, etc to lose ten lbs. I would give a finger to be done my thesis. No problem.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sephora online charges ten bucks shipping and handling! Then they do the whole "free shipping for purchases over $50" type shit, and I'm totally buying into it. I'm going to buy more stuff to keep from getting ripped off, all for goddamn lip gloss.

I wish I didn't have to buy online; I was so excited when the new store opened up in the mall and I could actually see and test the products. However, I have discovered that the testers are always in terrible shape. I was wanting to buy a plum eyeliner and I thought I saw one by Urban Decay I liked, but the tester was too jacked up for me to even get some on my hand. Weak. If I had been able to check it out, it might have contributed to my online order. I might go back to being an exclusive M-A-C consumer; service is inconsistent and prices are high, but the counters are always impeccable.

In other news, the Underpass was a lot more pleasant yesterday. I attribute this to 1) the fact that it didn't piss rain all day long, 2) there were performers playing guitar, which fought boredom and 3) I had more than 4 hours sleep. I sold a shirt, but to a fellow artisan. Passersby were rather ambivalent and I really can't blame them; my stock is tragically low as of late. Thesis work is coming in hard right now, and I have plans to go spend a few days at a cottage this week.
Undeadclothingco is going to have to snooze for a bit. I'm not sure I should commit to any more dates at the Underpass until I finalize my plans for August which will ideally be comprised of a finished thesis waiting to be defended, a new job and a little vacation... somewhere...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Two showings in one weekend!

My afternoon at the Underpass project was plagued by rain and the fact that I had seen the Dark Knight at midnight the night before; four hours sleep does not a perky vendor make. There wasn't much traffic, due in part to the weather. I found it to be a pretty busy walkway where businesspersons were bustling through; no time to browse and no tourists. I did make a sale though, the very first wallet I had ever made. I'm eager to see what this Friday is like; I'm undecided as to whether or not to participate in the project in August.

The Basement Artists show was great. I was a bit grumpy at first because I had to miss a roller derby practice to set up at 5pm (an important RD practice too; we were going to vote on the team name and colors) but I've had such a busy past few days, I didn't mind an afternoon off. The show was at Zaphods, and I really liked the location of my set-up. It was... cozy. No lights in my face, the music wasn't too loud; I was infinately more comfortable than at the Babylon show. It's nice to be able to chat with people looking at my stuff, to answer questions about how stuff is made or just to receive general compliments.

I sold a set of coasters and a zippered pouch, both to very enthusiastic-looking customers. There was another booth of leather vendors; some very gothic/medieval gauntlets, corsets and stuff. I fell in love with their blackish-red leather roses and bought one for a measly $10. I actually wanted to offer more, it's so pretty.

And look how nice it looks on my dresser, with my black roses picture frame (which needs a photo in it, incidentally)

I love it. I should have bought a proper dozen.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Underpass project tomorrrow! Basement Artists show Sunday! Gah!

Friday, July 11, 2008

What I've accomplished today;

- worked on my conclusion (13 pages down!)
- drafted and cut out patterns for size medium clothing
- mucked around with my etsy store

Yet to accomplish;

- gym!
- rent Diary of the Dead for tonight... I should mention it in my conclusion
- make stuff!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

First etsy sale!

So this morning I woke up to a nice surprise; my first sale online at!

I have to admit, I didn't think this day would come for a long time. I listed a few items on etsy just the other night (2 wallets and a zippered pouch), just to get the hang of how etsy listings work. I had no idea what to charge for shipping, so I guessed at it. The girl who bought the Lady wallet was in NY, and my shipping estimate turned out to be right on the money!

I dropped it in the mail this afternoon. Now I have combined excitement at getting the item to her (she's probably excited to get it) with extreme seller's anxiety. This girl shelled out serious dough for something she hasn't gotten to physically see, touch and handle. My description was pretty straightforward... I would just hate for someone to be disappointed. I'm eager to hear back from her when she receives it in the mail next week!

This sale makes up for the fact that the Underpass project has been delayed by one week. I was supposed to be out there tomorrow, but I guess the 18th will be my first sitting. This is just as well; I've been busy with my thesis and haven't had a chance to make much new stuff since the last Basement Artists show. Now, I have another week to spruce up my inventory, and my online sale this morning was definately a source of motivation! Go me!

I think I'm going to have to invest in a good camera if I'm going to make use of etsy. Kevin is great for complex shoots involving models and stuff, but I can't ask him to take hours out of his life to shoot every single wallet, purse and shirt I churn out.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Such good things; so little time to relish them

Good thing #1 -

I've been given the go-ahead to compose my conclusion. Glory hallelujah. This isn't to say that when I'm done the conclusion I'll be done my thesis; there'll be tremendous revisions. When I reflect on all the various mind-states I've had over the past year, I can't help but wonder how this paper will somehow flow together to make a cohesive argument.

I've been using bits and pieces of old papers to supplement my conclusion (I'm allowed to do that! I checked) and I was actually laughing out loud today at what one prof let me get away with. I have half a mind to email him about it. The paper I wrote for his seminar reads like... well, like a blog entry. I'm incredulous that it got me an A-.

Good thing #2 -

My application to be part of the Underpass project has been accepted! Undeadclothingco will be vending at the Underpass every Friday in July, starting the 11th. I'll post more info as I get it (ie- where exactly in that area, and what times). The Underpass Project combined with the upcoming Basement Artists show on the 20th make for a very busy living dead girl.

Good thing #3 and onward -

Stuff is pretty good. I'm really digging being involved in roller derby and I've been in a happy place socially for the past while. I'm hoping my general contentedness manifests in my writing and sewing as it has with my mood and demeanor.