Thursday, October 25, 2007

Poor Tommy is sick today so I'm taking care of him. I'm also making stuff (of course)!

Today I made another set of coasters; these ones are black with tweed bats on them. I set up an shop, but I'm rediculously hesitant to list anything... seller's anxiety, they call it on craftster. I'm not sure how much to charge; I know it should be relative to how long they take to make, but that's such a variable... it depends on so many things. Supplies are hard to price too, seeing as I use one snap per wallet and they come in packs by weight. I'm also concerned about the quality of my products. I know that handmade wallets can't really stand up to machine-made industrial ones. The last thing I want is to charge someone $30-40 for a wallet that wears out in 2 seconds.

I think I'm going to have to ask craftsters for help on this one.

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