Sunday, October 7, 2007

The bad news: An "undead clothing" company exists! A couple of girls have made a myspace page and a little shop page for it. Worse, they feature bats prominently in their designs, something I was also planning to do.

The good news: The aforementioned bat hoodie appears to be the one and only product they have available. Also, with the exception of the bats, they're going for a pretty different aesthetic... their site is covered with pink and diamonds and their logo is a mock-up of the Louis Vuitton all-over print.

Still, I was bummed to learn the name wasn't as original as I had hoped. I'd had the name kicking around in my head for so long now, I thought I'd have come across any others. Not the end of the world though, or so I'm assured.

Turkey turkey turkey at the cottage this weekend! Not much knitting because I can't seem to make guage on the mittens. My needles are down to a US 2 (!) and if I have to use those, I'll never finish them. Bummer! I may have to scour for a new mitten pattern.

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A. & J. said...

I know how you feel about the company name thing. I went through the same thing and that's why I went with Apple Banana Cantaloupe. I don't why any other company would want it. :P

Good luck with setting up your website.

- J.