Friday, October 19, 2007

Needlecraft convention; FUN!! Couldn't really stay too long today (I have the busiest day EVER) but I'm stoked to go back tomorrow....

Lots of quilting supplies and you know what that means; FABRIC SCRAPS GALORE! Wallet-making heaven. Tidbits of every pattern/print imaginable... and since it's late October, I saw a bunch of Halloween-themed ones; stuff with bats and witches and all that shit I love love love! I'm very excited, as you can tell. I think I'll only bring $50 so I don't go broke!

It's raining cats and dogs right now (don't blame me for using such an antiquated term; I've been chilling with grannies all morning!). And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TOMMIE JENKINS! Foil and freezer paper party is in order :)

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A. & J. said...

It was fun today. Thanks so much for introducing me to the show.

After you guys left, I gave in and bought those bottles from Linda McPhee with the tips on them. (i know i know, I probably could have gotten them cheaper somewhere else).

After I left, it WAS raining cats and dogs. My jeans were wet up to my knees! Then I walked home with a 1.3L of bleach, then realized 10min from my house that I should have bought the cascade stuff she was suggesting.

I guess you can't win sometimes.