Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Both undeadclothing.ca and this blog got a much-needed reno today. I'm so pleased that they now match. Plus, the former banner of the girl eating a hunk of flesh is maybe not terribly appetizing to my enormous readership (haha). I actually had someone ask if it was me. It wasn't.

Undeadclothing.ca now has a functioning image gallery up, replete with thumbnails, closeups and product descriptions! I wish I had pics of my new stock, but my favorite photographer is notoriously hard to book on short notice. Furthermore, I have so much half-completed stock that I feel like I'm better off waiting a while and then having a big-ass photo shoot with pics up in time for the May 24 Basement Artists show.

I'm desperately excited to set up my own craft room and get to work; I have pent-up creativity from almost 4 months ago! The problem is that the current residents of my future home are uncertain about their moving plans, which in turn makes mine uncertain too. I'd like to have a concrete date to tell my parents and friends (to enlist their help moving me) and I'd like to paint.

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A. & J. said...

The website and blog are looking good. I can't wait until the summer to get going on crafting.. I feel like work and renos have gotten in the way of my creativity.. Can't wait for more time and space!

You should post your pictures and information on etsy.. get some income coming in :)