Monday, November 26, 2007

Busy bee!


1) pick up TA assignments
2) get student ISIC card
3) buy bus pass for next semester
4) buy black ink cartridge
5) do all this in time to meet Jen at 3:15
6) shop, eat, see movie, enjoy afternoon
7) start correcting assignments
8) seek and contact third reference
9) work on emails for profs

... at this point, I think we're actually in Wednesday! Frig, I have a lot of shit to do. I probably can't afford to spend an afternoon shopping with Jen, but I also can't afford NOT to unwind. Plus, I do need to do some more holiday shopping. So there.

10) write personal statements for applications and have them proof-read
11) secure transcripts for applications
12) go crazy and shoot self in the face.

Note that neither thesis, nor undeadclothingco makes the list. Bummer.

1 comment:

A. & J. said...

You deserve an afternoon off. Omg! Your busy. Good luck with your 3rd reference. I'm sure who ever it is, will be happy to help you out.