Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Finally got my invite to Ravelry.com! It's been a month of waiting and desperately checking the waiting-list-checker... now here I am and what a wonderful distraction from all the super important things I have to do today!

I'm going to let myself play with it later. So excited to get all my knitting stuff organized!

In other news, I'm hungry.


A. & J. said...

I dont know much about Ravelry.com.. what is it?

living dead girl said...

ooooh, it's awesome. It's like a craftster for knitters and crocheters specifically!

There are forums and the amazing pattern-search mechanism I already wrote about. If you come across a pattern you want to make, you can click it to store it in your personal ravelry waiting-list. It's great for keeping track of all the free knitting patterns online... I have dozens of them saved as bookmarks, but ravelry is better!

You have to register and then wait for an "invite". I waited about a month, so it's possible that I'm extra excited due to the suspense. Check it out, J! If you want, you can borrow my username to browse, but I think they have a "guest" type deal too.