Monday, August 11, 2008

So I don't go to the gym for like, a week and a half? And I feel/look like I haven't been all summer. It's almost discouraging me from going back. If I can't maintain a schedule and progress is so fleeting, what's the point?

Roller derby kicked my ass yesterday. I have significantly less energy and endurance than I did just a few weeks ago. As usual, I'll blame my thesis, which kept me in my room in front of my computer all last week. Sometimes I daydream about the life I'll have when this shiteating thing is over; how I'll get my shit together and finally not feel like my life is on "standby". Exhilirating.

That being said, I'd better get back at it. It's serious crunch time, as I've been given a tentative defence date of September 10th... a month from yesterday.


A. & J. said...


I'm down for knitting circle again. The only night I know for sure I won't be able to do it is on So you think you can dance canada.. or we can do it the same night, it's up to you. I'm a big nerd and really want to watch it. I think I saw some people practising at Goodlife the other day.

Speaking of goodlife. Maybe once we getting a knitting circle routine back up, we can plan together before and do a class. Just an idea.

I hope you finish your thesis soon. :)

xup said...

Oh, man, I'm here to tell you that life after thesis is frightening, but amazing. For about 6 months I felt a surge of guilt every time I sat down to do nothing. After a while it passes and then you are free.