Monday, June 23, 2008

It's sunny when I'm busy and it pours rain when I'm not. Not that I'm ever really busy, or ever really not busy. My days are a nonstop swelling of stuff I have to do, none of which is particularly urgent and/or important. The rain is fully getting me down.

Things to do:
- thesis. Fear and loathing and a master's thesis.
- make... stuff? Again, lack of inspiration is problematic.
- get driver's license.
- get new job

K, forget it. This is depressing.

- sunshine! It has to come back sometime
- roller derby practice tonight!
- Top of the World's 15th anniversary party Friday!
- Canada Day liver abuse
- the rest of my life?

1 comment:

Hecky said...

I take it you mean you need to renew your licence...because you can't possibly be without a driver's licence, in your mid-twenties, and not a Manhattan native.