Sunday, March 23, 2008

this is one of those annoying/boring blog entries where I write just to organize my thoughts

Monday: THESIS; pick up LAST batch of T.A. assignments; get library books; drop off chapter if it's finished?
Tuesday: THESIS; gym /w Nina; haircut maybe
Wednesday: discussion group; work; drink
Thursday: meeting with Andre (10am); Lidia bday; library book due; THESIS; knitting circle (I hope)


To do throughout:
- get logo; send photos to Marcus; signage
- have an eye out for display items for the basement artists show; banner, tablecloth, picture frame, etc
- firm up moving plans; dates, booking truck, booking time off, etc
- compose resumes/distribute... ew.

1 comment:

redd said...

shut up, i didn't know you were a basement artist.
what a small world we live in.